Product Inspection Virtual Trade Show

1st – 5th June 2020

Discover our new ideas and latest innovations

New Product launches, Keynote Presentations

Join us without leaving your desk

Invitation to Visit our Virtual Trade Show 2020

Be our guest and let our team of experts guide you through our extensive range of product inspection solutions. Discuss how we can help you solve your production and application challenges.

See the Latest Technologies

Discover the latest innovations and our full range of solutions from entry-level to fully customized systems, including brand new systems. There will be special offers on metal detectors, checkweighers, and x-ray inspection systems!

Keynote Presentations

Listen to industry leaders. Many short presentations around food/pharma safety and smart factory solutions.

Smart Factory Connectivity

Learn how the latest technological breakthroughs can add real value to your business through digital transformation.

  • Industry 4.0
  • Advanced Data Management
  • How Blockchain will revolutionize the food industry

Live and On-Demand Presentations

Listen to industry leaders. Watch a wide assortment of short on-demand presentations around food/pharma safety and smart factory solutions. You many attend live sessions as well which will be followed by Q&A:

Tues, June 2:11:00am CETDemonstration of Checkweighing Product Innovation
Wed, June 3:12:00pm CETTesting Best Practice for Easier Compliance
Wed, June 3: 3:00pm CET Discover the X34 System Advantages
Thu, June 4: 11:00am CETRobust Vision Inspection Software
Thu, June 4: 2:00pm CET Tour of Track & Trace Integration at R-Pharm

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